Coal Age is sponsoring the Coal Prep and Aggregate Processing Conference & Exposition next month. The Show is dedicated to coal preparation industry.
Coal preparation is important as steam coal users require optimum calorific value, consistent grind ability, minimal moisture and ash variability. 
The metallurgical coal customers require a higher degree of product consistency to maximize coke yield, coke strength, and ultimate maximum hot metal production and quality. 
The goals for coal preparation are to reduce coal preparation costs and improve quality as well as to produce a low sulfur coal product. 
Coal is the backbone of the U.S. power generation, providing more than 50% of electricity production while complying with stringent environmental regulations. Coal is the nation's most abundant and cost effective energy resource. We have enough domestic coal reserves and existing technologies to transform coal into transportation fuels to displace foreign imports.
According to the National Coal Council's study Coal: America's Energy Future, the coal-to-liquids (CTL) process of converting solid coal into liquid fuels and or chemicals is available. There are several ways to make transportation fuels from coal. Direct and indirect coal liquefaction can be integrated into a hybrid plant. Direct coal liquefaction can be combined with heavy oil upgrading in a coal and oil co-processing plant. Coal can be partially converted in liquid fuels by mild pyrolysis. 
Also mentioned in NCC's latest study is using coal to produce natural gas as a replacement for natural gas in chemical processes would ease supply pressures by providing an alternative to at least 15 percent of the Nation's annual natural gas consumption. Nationwide deployment of coal-to-gas technologies will eliminate the need to spend nearly $300 billion per decade on imported natural gas.
Higher natural gas prices stress the economy, reduce productivity, and cause severe economic problems for residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. Using coal to generate clean electricity can play a major role in the country's stability and strength. 
Coal will play a major role in meeting all this country's energy needs in many ways. Coal leader will feature articles on many of the new processes in coming issues. 



Kevin Crutchfield


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