Coal is once again at the forefront as a dependable and affordable source for energy. 
Americans give little thought to electricity and where it comes from, when they need it, they expect it to be there. We, as an industry, must continue to remind people that coal provides over half of the United States electricity generation. We must tell about the new clean coal technologies available and about the ongoing research. 
    Energy and environmental issue have become inextricably linked. Environmental Protection Agency's Acting Administrator Steve Johnson recently signed the final Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), a rule that will ensure that Americans continue to breathe cleaner air by dramatically reducing air pollution that moves across state boundaries in 28 eastern states. By 2015, CAIR will provide health and environmental benefits valued at over 25 times the cost of compliance, and those benefits will continue to grow.
    "The CAIR rule recently issued, and the mercury rule issued, taken together, will make electricity produced from coal-fired power plants a very clean source of low-cost, reliable energy. Although industry would have preferred the statutory approach to these issues that was embodied in the President's Clear Skies Initiative, the actions by EPA recently will continue to drive down emissions from coal-fired power plants, ensuring that all of America's abundant coal resources can be used to generate the power upon which we all depend."
    Industry has made enormous improvements in the environmental performance of coal-based power plants.
    Companies should contact all branches of government, and ask them to work together to reduce the uncertainty with regard to environmental regulations affecting coal-fired power plants. 
    Let's join together providing the information needed to support, educate, and inform the elected officials and citizens of the United States about the Clear Skies Act. 



Kevin Crutchfield


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