"Hand in Hand into the Future DBT Supports Asian Tsunami Victims" 

    Coal Leader received a news release from DBT as we were putting the final touches on the January issue. The tragedy in Asia has been foremost on our minds since it happened. The massive tsunami and earthquake killed nearly 200,000 people from around the world. Hundreds are still listed as missing. 
    The hurt, desperation, and devastation on the faces of those we see have made a lasting impression on our hearts. There are young children without parents or relatives who need care and love. Perhaps we should look into our hearts and consider adoption.
    As we celebrate the new year, as we pray for peace on earth and good will toward all, let us remember to help those less fortunate.
    Coal Leader believes strongly in what DBT is doing for the tsunami victims, and that many other companies are also working to raise funds. If your company has a program, please share your ideas about ways of reaching the thousands of people needing help with Coal Leader readers. 
    This disaster will have long lasting effects on those who survived. They will need our help and support for years to come.
    DBT recently started a company-wide international appeal with the name "Hand in Hand into the Future" to benefit victims of the tsunami in South Asia. Donations, which will be collected through February 15, will be used to finance reconstruction of the areas impacted by the tsunami. The DBT Management Board is supporting the appeal and has announced that DBT will match each employee's donation euro for euro, dollar for dollar. 
    DBT is a world-leading supplier of mining equipment with subsidiaries in the U.S., Australia, South Africa, China , as well as England, France, Poland and Germany. All employees have been invited to help. 
    "We hope that this joint effort will help give the surviving tsunami victims a future," explains Hermann Oecking, DBT Chief Human Resources Officer. "We have more than 3,000 employees worldwide with a strong sense of community. We wish to make our contribution focus on reconstruction in South Asia. Therefore we have initiated an appeal extending over several weeks."
    Even during the planning stage, response to the DBT appeal was very positive. Many DBT suppliers were so enthusiastic about the idea that they immediately offered to help. 
    DBT will pass the donations on to aid organizations operating internationally that are providing ongoing support for reconstruction projects in the tsunami-affected regions. 
    There are dozens of relief agencies collecting money for the victims. Perhaps the coal industry, as a whole, could establish an ongoing fund to help the victims. It is time to reach out to those affected by the tsunami and make a long lasting commitment. cl

Kevin Crutchfield


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