DBT GH Plow System 
Solves Productivity Problem 


    DBT equipment solves productivity problem deep in Siberia. Juzhkuzbassugol, a major Russian coal producer operating 6 mines with annual production of more than 20 million tons, has selected DBT equipment to solve a productivity problem in its Abashevskaya mine. The customer is located in the southern part of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin which, with 160 billion tons, has coal reserves second only to the United States. 
    Extremely difficult mining conditions with increasingly thin seams at ever greater depth meant that Juzhkuzbassugol (JKBU) was reaching the limit of what could be achieved with shearer technology despite the use of a special low-profile shearer. JKBU was looking for a solution that would increase productivity and raise the quality of the coal while at the same time improve working conditions for miners. The company selected a modern DBT plow system as the solution. 
    DBT will supply all equipment for a 300-meter plow longwall for a seam height of 1.35 to 1.75 meters, including shield supports, power supply, and a state-of-the-art control system. JKBU selected the GleithobelTM GH plow, today's plow of choice is suitable for seams ranging from 1 m up to over 2 m regardless of the incline of the seam or the hardness of the coal. Productivity is enhanced by high rates of advance, maximum power for cutting (up to 2 x 400 kW), rapid cutting height adjustment, and the ability to carry out maintenance during operation. 
    The order includes the 200-meter plow longwall and plow, shield supports, electrohydraulic controllers, face conveyors, CST drives, stageloaders and breakers. When it is delivered it will be Russia’s most modern plow system. cl




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