DBT Dedicates New Facility

    U. S. Senator George Allen arrived in Pearisburg Virginia recently for the dedication of DBT America's 100,000 sq. ft. facility in the Mountain View Industrial Park to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony. 
    Senator Allen spoke with those present about the national energy bill that just passed in Congress and how important it will be for the coal mining communities in Southwest Virginia and the nation. The bill included measures to advance clean coal technology which is very important. 
    America is the Saudi Arabia of coal and we can take advantage of that with new technology approaches so that we can have an affordable, reliable electricity using coal. This bill will lead to more coal being mined in America - which will mean more jobs for Virginians and Americans. 
    "Everyone recognizes how important this investment by DBT is in this community, and the jobs it will be providing to folks here in the region," said Senator Allen. "We are the Saudi Arabia of the world in coal and with new technologies, new combustion approaches. We can have an affordable, reliable source of electricity using coal. This means that there is going to be more and more coal being mined in the United States of America and more people mining coal," he stated. 
    Senator Allen talked about economic development and praised the Pearisburg town manage, town council, and Chris McKlarney, the director of Economic development for Giles County Industrial Development Authority.


Chris McKlaney, Kimberly Rubottom, George Allen & Bert Preston

    Kimberly Rubottom, DBT America's Vice President, Business Operations welcomed and thanked the group for attending the dedication and said it was a great day for all of us to look back at the growth of this facility. A $2 million investment is being made in improvement to the facility, which includes network connection, new telephone system, new equipment, environmental studies, overhead cranes, and some machine tools and landscaping. She expressed thanks to the employees whose hard work and dedication made this day possible.
    Ms. Rubottom said, DBT has fourteen facilities in the U.S. Some locations have more than one facility.
    Bert Preston, manager of the Pearisburg facility, said "Our goal is to establish a comprehensive facility which can react quickly to the ever increasing needs of our customers". "We have an experienced and knowledgeable group of people here at Pearisburg dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction who all look forward to the challenges and opportunities of this expansion." 
    This plant employees 70 people and will take care of customer service, parts manufacture, small fabrication and machining.
    This facility will also be used for rebuilding DBT equipment.
    DBT America is based in Houston, PA and has nearly 1000 employees. cl 


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