Caterpillar Helps Dealers Power Recovery 
Efforts For Katrina Disaster


    Dealership employees along the Gulf Coast of the United States have been working hard to help their customers recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "Not only are these dealerships working overtime to get power systems where they are needed, but they are also personally affected by this disaster and are working to put their own affairs in order," said Joel Haefelin, marketing manager of the Electric Power Division (EPD). "Caterpillar has sent two mobile command centers into the affected areas to help dealers where we can and ensure that people get the emergency power they need."
    Two RVs staffed with experienced veterans of the dealer rental business traveled from Mossville to Cat dealers Puckett Machinery in Mississippi and Louisiana Machinery in Louisiana-both facing challenges due to the hurricane. "We have built a strong CaterpillarR dealer rental network, and times like this really test it," said Walt Bradbury, sales manager for Electric Power North America. "We have units coming in from nearly all parts of the U.S., and even beyond. Our team will be on hand to help dealers get these power systems to the people who need them." At this time we have more than 230 megawatts of power headed to the Gulf Coast - enough to power more than 20,000 homes.
    Louisiana Machinery has sent a large amount of equipment into New Orleans area. According to James Kincaid, Certified Dealer Instructor at Louisiana Machinery, "In the month of September we normally put out around 65 machines. This September we put out 302 machines." There have been temporary landfills set up throughout the effected areas. Kincaid has been conducting Operator Familiarization Training on new machines at these sites. Due to the influx of demand for equipment and training, "The Company (Louisiana Machinery) is pretty much operating on a 24 hour 7 day a week schedule," said Kincaid.
    Caterpillar, in partnership with the Dealers, are doing everything they can to assist in the recovery and restoration of the Gulf Coal region. cl



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