Bluefield Coal Show 

"A Fantastic Event"



    The Bluefield Coal Show was the most successful event ever with two hundred exhibits, and more than six thousand people visiting the three day event. The biennial exposition was the place for companies to show off their latest advances, biggest machines and sell their products. 
    The U. S. coal industry has come to the country's aid once again by helping America meet its growing demand for electricity, while maintaining its commitment to protect the environment. The coal industry has gone high-tech. New technology was at the heart of many of the show's exhibits. One example was Fiber Systems International's booth, where Cam Taylor shows off fiber-optic connectors. 
    DBT showcased some of its state-of-the-art mining equipment. The exhibits included the 30M3-L Continuous Miner equipped with DBT's next-generation drive and control system and a battery hauler for low-seam applications, as well as a range of innovative products. DBT is a "one-stop-shop" for all underground mining applications - a wide range of longwall and room and pillar products.
    Jennmar displayed its product line which included the "Buddy" Bar, JM Cable Bolt System, Headed Rebar Bolts, Torque Tension Rebar, Conventional Bolts, JM/Keystone Bolt Head Markings, Truss Systems, Friction-Lok Stabilizer System, "Big John" Mine Prop, "Little John" Extreme Mine Prop, Plate Material & Surface Control, Channels, Beams, and Roof Mats, JM Belt Hangers, and Mine Ties.
    A. L. Lee highlighted underground diesel equipment, Utility Vehicles, Personnel Carriers and Rockdusters. Forklifts, Maintenance Service Vehicles, Multi-Purpose Vehicles, Supply Cars and Tractors.
    J & R Manufacturing featured their complete line of electrical connectors - DC plugs and receptacles for battery-powered mining equipment for the mining industry. 
    R M Wilson highlighted hopper buns, feeders, screeners, conveyors, new and used crushers, trowel or spray-able mine sealant, mining bits, solid tire and rim replacement tires, and longwall chain and accessories.
    AMS exhibited a complete line of conveyor equipment such as belt drives, take-ups, tailpieces, move sliders, discharge units, conveyor belt cleaners, and quick look skirting. They also exhibited their new Combo Drive which features a 150HP drive unit and take-up, all in one base and is great for driving panels up to 1500 feet.
    Brookville Equipment showed haulage equipment for personnel and materials.
    PEWAG Chains showcased its chains, which are engineered to meet extreme mining conditions. In Open Cast Mining, PEWAG Tire Protection Chains, TPC's revolutionized the industry.
    Joy showed the new Joy Wethead continuous miner cutterhead. 
    Simmons Equipment Company introduced its next generation of battery-powered scoops. The company has developed the S280 Scoop which has exceeded all expectations since arriving in the field.
    The paper sessions were outstanding. Presenters covered today's coal industry, transportation, power, future issues facing coal, lower seam longwalling, coal's importance to the nation's economy, and mountain top removal. 
    Charlie Peters, Marc Meachim, Debbie Maynard, and all of the committee chairs and members are to be commended for their work and dedication. It showed, the event was outstanding. cl



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