DBT delivers complete 
Shearer Longwall to Siberia 


     A new DBT shearer longwall will likely cut its first coal by March this year, several weeks ahead of schedule. Following successful acceptance testing at DBT headquarters in Lünen, Germany, the system has been shipped to Russia for installation. The shearer system is destined for the Kuznetsk coal basin in Siberia, currently Russia's largest coal-producing region. 
    The complete DBT Longwall equipment will be installed in the Kyrgaiskaya mine, which is owned by the Taldinskaja Coal Mining Company (further Erunakovskaya Coal Company) in the Kuznetsk coal basin. The shearer itself is a DBT's latest and greatest, the EL 3000 with total installed power of 840 kW and designed for mining seams of 2.2 to 6.0 meters. The shearer is approximately 80 tons in weight and will cut at a speed of 6.5m per minute (the machine is able to cut at a rate of 17m per minute). The machine is required to deliver 3000 tons of material per eight hour shift. 



    The order also includes 119 shields, a 200-meter face conveyor with CST 30 gearboxes. DBT Mineral Processing will provide a 160 kW crusher, while DBT Maschinenfabrik Scharf is delivering a belt reversal station for the longwall. 
    DBT Automation will supply the PM4 shield control system, the Protec drive control unit with longwall-wide communication network, and visualization software for the aboveground control room.         The DBT package also includes a third-party pump station to provide the longwall with emulsion and water. 
    The system will allow the customer to produce some 1.700 tons of coal per hour from a 5 meter seam. cl

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