Reclamation Awards



    The Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology and the Colorado Mining Association (CMA) honored the winners of the awards for outstanding coal mine reclamation at the CMA’s 106th National Western Mining Conference Exhibition at the Hyatt Regency in Denver.
    “Mining companies in Colorado are the nation’s innovators and leaders in outstanding reclamation practices,” Stuart Sanderson, CMA President, told a luncheon audience of nearly 200 who had gathered to honor the award winners. “They exemplify, he said, “the theme of this conference about good business and good neighbors.” Several hundred mining professionals from throughout Colorado and the West gathered to exchange information and learn about the best practices for protecting workers, the environment, and local communities.
    The winners included eight companies engaged in surface and underground coal mining in Colorado.
    The 2003 Excellence in Reclamation and Outreach Award was presented to Trapper Mining Inc.’s Trapper Mine near Craig, Colorado. The company received accolades for outstanding reclamation on more than 1,857 acres of reclaimed range land and crop land. The company was also honored for its longstanding commitment to the community in which it does business and for its leadership in providing educational opportunities and information on mining and reclamation.
    Bowie Resources, LLC received the Large Underground Coal Mine Award for outstanding reclamation in removing over 300,000 yards of fill material to facilitate the construction of two sedimentation ponds.
    Colowyo Coal Company, an affiliate of Kennecott Energy, and Anson Pipe and Excavating Inc. received the Steep Slope Top Soil Salvage Operations Award for their work at the Colowyo Mine, near Meeker, which is the state’s largest and most productive surface coal mining operation. The company and its contractor were honored for their consistent achievements and demonstrated care in the salvage of top soil in areas of steep slope, narrow ravines, and varying depths.
    The Small Underground Coal Mine Award went to Energy Fuels Coal, Inc. for excellence in reclamation at the Southfield Mine near Florence. The company was honored for outstanding contemporaneous reclamation, the quality of the work, attention to landowner concerns, and the prompt application for a Phase I bond release.
    Sunland Mining Corporation’s Apex No. 2 Mine received an award for Excellence in Final Reclamation and Complete Phase III Bond Release. The company promptly and successfully completed the final bond release process by returning the mine site to a productive post mining rangeland use and fostering a good working relationship with the land owner and surrounding neighbors. 
    Minrec Inc. and J.E. Stover and Associates received the award for Excellence in Reclamation and Partial Phase III Bond Release at the North Thompson Creek Mines, near Grand Junction. The companies overcame the significant challenges of fires in burning coal mine waste piles, and regraded, treated, and restored the land to develop a suitable medium for vegetation.     cl


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